Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tools of Web Application Development…

To begin with, you need a stack of applications. What is that? It is the main software that will drive your application. Most people use the LAMP battery. This means Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.


Linux is the operating system and Apache is the web server. You do not have to know much about these to build a basic web application. I just know you'll need them.


MySQL is the Database Management System (DMS). This is where you store your user's data. Do not worry if you do not know what this is. Just keep in mind that you will need to learn the basics of MySQL - at least, how to create a database and the user.


PHP is the server-side programming language. It is used to create the business logic of the application. You do not have to be an expert in programming, but you need to know the basics. You do not have to program everything from zero though. Instead, make use of a PHP application framework such as CodeIgniter. This allows you to concentrate on creating the code specific to your application, rather than the low-level code that is included in each web application.


LAMP is your basic application stack, but you also need to know some other technologies. One is HTML5 / CSS3,CSS5. These allow you to create your user interface. Again, you do not have to be an expert to start building your web application. You just need to know the basics.


But you do not want to create your user interface from scratch. There is no reason to do so. You can also use a front-end framework, such as Bootstrap. It is a library of user interface elements, such as forms, tables, alerts and more. You can use this framework to make your application look professional.


You can create a web application using only these technologies, but if you want to create a better and more modern application, you must also learn JavaScript (a client-side programming language) as well as some JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery.


This will make your application look more like a desktop application, than people expect these days. Again, it is not necessary, but you can learn the basics of these technologies to really take your application to the next level.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

7 WordPress Website Design Trends That Will Accelerate In 2017

 7 WordPress Website Design Trends That Will Accelerate In 2017


From its inception 2003 to 2016, WordPress has also marked big changes with hundreds of themes, plugins, tools and libraries for release and mobile responsiveness with its myriad versions. The best platform for content management systems is tapped by the 10 million websites worldwide.


Every year there has been much speculation for the development of WordPress and that has been fulfilled with the launch of new features. This year 2017, there are some website design trends that will take center stage. Let's shed some light on such trends:


1) Go sensitive mobile


As the mobile is becoming the main device, website development adaptable to a wide range of devices was started, but non-mobile optimized websites were poor in designs and ruin the user experience. To better accommodate all content on smaller screens and delight users, response design becomes a de facto standard, which will increase in the coming years.


2) It is the turn of answer to the age


You'll find it a little fun. Making the website design responsiveness of various screen size devices is understood, but how the website design can be made adaptable to the age of the users. As personalization taking into account the demographics of users is all the rage, in a similar way the website will also be customized in an automated way as- navigation menus, color contrast, font size and spacing are changed according to the age of the users.


3) Video headers


Pictures or videos paint a thousand words. Visuals are better for illustrating the content. According to the Hubspot study, "80% of Internet traffic will come through videos in 2018." With videos, video headlines are also gaining popularity to better tell the story and add an appeal to the website evoking strong emotions.


4) Parallax will prevail


Parallax is an ingenious act that creates a 3D illusion by causing the background to move at a slower speed than the foreground. The WordPress development company includes the parallax effect on a website's page to make browsing the site captivating and letting the brands tell their story in a more engaging way. It will remain the favorite of WordPress designers in 2017 as well.


5) Stunning card design and grid


The cards allow the segregation of the website content in multiple sections that can be easily navigated, work well with mobile devices and make the content manageable. The ability to experiment with the card-based user interface deciphers the creative possibilities that make the content of the site intriguing to read. To stun users with new designs and designs, experimentation will continue to increase.


6) Better attention to typography


Like images or videos, typography is also picking the rhythm where different sources are displayed in a creative way that captures the attention of the user. The excellent textual representation will become a pillar in the webbed world in 2017 to which WordPress custom development companies will be paying more attention.


7) Flat colors will become the thing of the past


A few years ago, flat design trends were on the rise, but with increasing fame, they have become too common. The problems of flat design lead to the invention of new design elements, shadows, overlap and technique of cards through modern technologies, which will become the new trends of the website in 2017. In this year wordpress is the new invention for supporting all types of

Devices. Responsive web site design by using wordpress theme.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The computer is running but the light is not on the screen

Some time when you press the computer power button, the computer may be on but screen does not display anything. Why this problem is arise and how can we solve this issues, is to say here.

RAM problem

RAM is usually due to a problem. RAM clear and open, and it will put the good motherboard slot. If this problem can be solved.


The problem may be due to the power monitor connection. So you can see the change in electrical connection of the power. Check the monitor's VGA cable. Sometimes this can be a problem if the cable is not properly mounted.

Problem with the graphics card

Graphics card can be a problem, so an external graphics card placed Check.

Resolution Set

The resolution also shows a lot of black monitor. So the monitor and PC graphics card can check the compatibility resolutions. Go directly to the computer's BIOS or VGA graphics card, you can change the options.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Japan created the world's fastest supercomputer

Robotic hotel, taiphunacalita turbine due to the advanced technology of the countries of the world, is already one of the most advanced technologies in Japan. Digital innovation is a more solid base in the country. Japan is planning to build the world's fastest supercomputer. According to a Reuters report, Japan is planning to build a device of this type, with which scientists cars without driver, the robot will be able to improve and osudhasilpe.

China and South Korea super computers for the government of Japan are investing $ 17 million to 30 million.
130 quadrillion calculations per second supercomputer in Japan will be able to achieve. In other words, the speed will be 130 petaphlapasa. (1 Petaflop = 1 thousand teraphlapa gigaphlapa 10 million).

China is currently the fastest supercomputer Sunway taihulaitera title. Petaflop speed of 93 per second.

In terms of the top 10 supercomputer speed in China, four are in the United States. The remaining four in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia are one.

Japanese supercomputer, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and next year will deploy the technology.

Researchers hope to use this supercomputer artificial intelligence can be improved.

The fire covered an iPhone 7 Plus!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7. After this time, we reported the explosion of the iPhone 7 Plus and the fire. Gijamocayana, a website that claims to be the Chinese province of Yunnan, a person accidentally fell to the ground and caught fire instantly. The phone is completely separate from the phone's screen can be separated. The vibration of the phone is caused during the accident and quickly started smoking.

Apple did not comment on the explosion of a new iPhone.
The fourth year of the iPhone explosion was reported. Earlier, an Australian surfer with his new iPhone in October said the fire. Their cars were burned.

Matt Jones sarpharera the claim that, had the phone in a lot of clothes in the car. The cloth caught fire and exploded the car caught fire. Jones stated that he did not use the iPhone charger or charger that the phone was never found. He also refused to fire cigarettes or another­­­­­­­­ source of fire.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Smartphone heal ear infection!

smartphones aspects of modern life. Many of these phones for use through matching pair. airline tickets, train tickets, gas bills, mobile banking, everything from the newspaper smartphone is a wink at hand. According to the results of a recent study, mobile phones can now cure ear infection.
University of Umea in Sweden and the University of Pretoria in South Africa, a group of researchers have claimed. Ibiomedisina research has been published in the journal. Accordingly, researchers have discovered atoskopa technology image processing. Through this technology, infected ear, the image was taken. The photos will be uploaded to the cloud via smartphones. Caregivers will check the status of the patient's ear, he saw the picture. This effort included the researchers hope to be very effective in poor countries.
PTI reported quoting researchers, ear infections (media) otitisa smartphone heal. Nearly 100 million children worldwide are infected each year, as. Claude Laurent researchers at the University of Umea in Sweden, said the lack of health workers in many developing countries a better diagnosis of ear infection often can not or will not read them trapped. If hearing loss may be diagnosis, risk can even be life.

Laurent added, "(media) otitisa methods used to determine the level of infection in the ear health." He said, "This is how automatically upload images to be analyzed in developing countries is the accurate and rapid diagnosis of the facility will provide a low cost.."

This scanning method hearing in one ear, which is generally used for the test can be analyzed. SmartPhone device digital camera connected to the ear of the image, the image is compared with a file.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

IPhone virus!

Virus included as Android, iOS operating system stigma on the forehead, but it was not labeled. That all came to know that at least. However, the idea was wrong. Recently, a security company Palo Alto Networks has found the existence of iOS iPhone operating system, the virus has claimed. The company said the Trojan virus, which Apple diaraeme damage. As a result, the company does not require the certificate. It's called "disibhara Ace.

This virus is a bit complicated work ethic. Palo Alto Networks, says the strategy disibhara Karema Ace is called "clean Man-in-the-middle game." In this process, the attacker purchased app store keeps aiosera code required authorization. From now on, any Internet user Itunes aisihelapara namalei the computer becomes infected. IOS-powered device to the computer associated with the device if an attacker sends an authentication code, so it is believed that the device has not purchased the application, and then thought itself begin to decline application Apple smartphone.
Not only that, Apple ID and password of the machine within reach of the attacker will come slowly. The Palo Alto, the whole process is very simple and the other attackers can easily create a copy. Apple regions "locked" in this case has become boomerangs. This is due to the difficulty to catch locks virus.

Apple said last month about the inakaraporetedake Palo Alto Networks. Apple has been notified promptly of the Apple store is expected to move applications from the disibhara As

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Low Price iPhone Now in Market

Apple announces the new iPhone screen four inches. IPhone SEO (Special Edition) This is the name of the prices of smart phones Apple iPhone are beyond the scope of the company has brought to them. Monday announcement of the new iPhone, and iPad 7 inch Pro 9 percent and the company announced a new Ghari Rao.

NDTV reports, to keep the price of this phone is 16 GB and 64 GB for $ 399 to $ 499 price of the phone. The phone will hit the market between 31 March and May, the new phone will be available in nearly 100 countries. New models such as the size of the iPhone screen will be smaller, but faster.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

It does not scratch the screen smartphone

There are more buttons on the latest smartphone, which is something that is special to the touch of a finger on the glass. To do this, stain or scratch a lot of mobile phones fell. These spots are due to deface phone, are also in trouble. However, a glass screen does not scratch?

IPhone Six-S model has been used in high-tech retina display screen of the phone. Stain can not be removed with a knife from the screen. The Gorilla Glass smartaphonagulote usually not stain. They are durable and long lasting. There are also different types. Who has been named to convey the strength of the glass. Gorilla glass is actually a special type of glass alkali-armor aluminosiliketa, so that the stain, no fall, and aghatarodhi. Motorola, Samsung and Nokia, as the screen of your phone Gorilla Glass to build a more stable and reliable. It is available now in the fifth generation of Gorilla Glass, which is thin, light and ksayarodhi. In addition, Asahi Glass Company and Corning Glass creates this type of institutions such as draganatreilera. This glass, in addition to the mobile media players on the initial screen, screen laptops used. The screen is very strong, but thin. So easy to use and useful.

Corning Gorilla Glass protects the stain smartphone screen. For that reason, additional use is not a defense screen. This kacagulo so strong and durable that smartphone users give extra protection and peace of mind. Do not break the glass to stain the screen reading and technology has developed, the company Corning. They say that is native to damage resistance (NDR). This depends on the type of Gorilla Glass for smartphones is the thickness of many types. "Muscular Project" in 1960 on the initiative of the technology company Corning chemically reinforced glass work carried out. In a few years, are wedges' has been named one of the glass market.
Gorilla Glass technology switch each ion is chemically hardened. It is about 400 degrees Celsius temperature molten salt, potassium, alkaline solution is to bury. K heavy ions of the salt ions are replaced by light. More space is occupied by large ions hit the ball much more space to create. This glass increases energy, increases resistance to stress, flexible, and above all, the glass breaks or reduce the risk of rupture.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lexus cars heartbeat!

The automaker Lexus has designed a car that will be reflected in the heartbeat of the driver. electroluminescent colors appear on the outside of the heart beats vehicle driver. They Lexus RC F model has a car called "heartbeat is.

Lexus claims to be world's first biometric technologies as a result of mental and physical union between the driver and the vehicle will be visible.
heartbeat has been associated Lexus is developing projects in Australia and Lexus Australia emaayandasi Saatchi technical department.

Ben Cooper, director of Saatchi Innovation emaayandasi technology myasebalake cars on the purpose of this project is to add biometric technology associated with human body parts. While it is running, reflecting the mood it can be understood.

Cooper said about the technical aspects of the car, the car of this technology is being tested in order to detect a heartbeat in which the heart rate sensors that detect behind the vehicle by means of a control panel sends wireless. The board accepted specially designed electrical signal through the electricity luminisenta screen. LED lights in the pre-determined by the specific type of light, so in this case luminisenta electric lamp. Phosphorescent, in particular paint or color so that certain material may be light show.

American businessman inventor lumilara of light. This system does not work when the car does not feel in the presence of light. The system runs a separate battery.
The technology used in the car can be used in various infrastructure or laptop prayuktipanye expected entrepreneurs Cooper.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gorilla Glass car

Karnilla the Gorilla Glass screen being used in millions of mobile phones. Now the car companies to reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption has begun to reduce the use of glass in the car.
Last year, BMW AG cars first used Gorilla Glass. BMW i 8 sport hybrid cars, interior panels were used to create this glass. Now windshield Ford Motor Ford GT sports cars and hatchbacks authorities decided to use Gorilla Glass said.

GT engine cover uses Gorilla Glass. Starting next year, Ford will begin selling the car.
Paul Linden said the official car Ford eksateriyara Barhi structure, since 1923, is a new thing in the use of glass. In 1923 Henry Ford began using glass maledera car.

common windshield glass is used to create a two-tier ayaniyaleda. There is a thin plastic layer between two layers of glass. Ayaniyaleda glass when broken and looks like a spider web of plastikerao stuck in the arohike level can prevent injuries.

Ford researchers say, they were building the car uindasila ayaniyaleda outer layer between the glass and the plastic substrate has. The inner layer of Gorilla Cup karniyera used. The windshield had been light and thin. Ford claims the use of gorilla glass windshield was 3 percent of light. Reduce fuel consumption vehicle car could be an advantage for control.

Karniyera said, the glass has passed the safety standards of the United States. Manufacturers of cars and bumpy roads in the air that has been carried out only with the glass Gorilla Glass is more durable than conventional glass. The car was seen throwing stones, broken glass, but ayaniyaleda Gorilla Glass is not easily broken. Gorilla Glass, however, does not work everywhere. Automakers generally used temparada glass window next to the car. Because the glass is broken when an accident can be rapidly ascending out there.

Automatic cars together to create a Google-Ford

Automatic cars for the creation of automaker Ford Motor Company US is in talks with Google. According to a source involved in US Automotive News Project he said in a report.
According to the report, the agreement between Google and Ford are in the final, but next year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the first week of January can be published.
Google, a source said do not comment on any artificial. However, Google is in talks with the authorities to ensure that car manufacturers.

Google 2020 automated system on the market for the year since the beginning of this year, car manufacturers bring to market vehicles, parts nirmatasaha initiated discussions with several companies.
In June this year, a small sized car opened automatic Google, in Mountain View, Google designed the study, conducted in the United States. Austin cars tested by Google. ALPHABET separate unit under the parent company of the automaker, as an institution can be erected.

rival companies in the world, behind the Ford car since the beginning of the year began to show interest in the development of automated vehicles. Advanced security technology, car brakes, the specific circumstances of driverless control system, automatic steering, brakes, throttles, etc., to create interest in Ford.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Windows Data Recovery Software

Small to medium-sized or large businesses account data in an organization to be the most valuable asset. Therefore, it is equally important to protect the virtual loss. Data in order to prevent the risk of data loss, it is a powerful strategy that is good even in the worst of situations need to adapt. The most 
common data loss scenarios of accidental deletion, system crash, logical damage, partition / disk format, hardware failure, MFT corruption, virus, intrusion, and so on may be due. In such situations in your business or personal information can be protected only a backup or restore. This in turn efficient data recovery tool that not only work well, but you need to call the file lost, deleted or corrupted format ensures risk-free recovery.In recent years, a variety of data recovery tools that people are more efficiently recover from data loss situation. Depending on the type of data loss, these tools can provide a useful way to restore the data.

 Each of these tools has its own unique characteristics, therefore, looking for the best recovery software, you should go for the one that matches the requirements of the set.In this article, I am definitely some tips for your business will help you pick 
the right Windows applications to share data recovery. Take a look at it closer to -100% Security- Security is a major concern for businesses, so it is necessary that the recovery process of the software, which is to maintain the unity of the data to ensure the protection of your valuable data. Assured Recovery application from your device will not overwrite any loss or data.Windows data recovery techniques developed with the initial recovery Mechanism- applications designed to restore, digitize and restore all deleted files and folders to allow recovery. Before re-scanning technique to restore files that specify the types and previews. This strategy is designed to use any of the software quick and easy data availability, recovery, and help to improve information retrieval.Easy to use, no matter how friendly and efficient and effective software, but if he can not enter the users' knowledge, will probably never expected results.

 Therefore, always search for a user-friendly interactive interface and the recovery process. There are several third-party recovery tools available technical information and user technology that can be used for.Compatibility- system comes to compatibility, software Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be able to support.Storage Devices- an advanced recovery software to multiple external devices or USB flash drive, card, while SATA, IDE, Eide Affairs, SCSI, jump drives, XD Picture Card, and soon with a removable hard drive data recovery should be able to support.Is a powerful data recovery application is a powerful data recovery features, such as images, video, audio, e-mail, documents, information, etc. to be able to recover any damages the PC, laptop, digital devices, delete, format, recovers data lost from virus attack , system errors, and so on.Keep the above tips in mind, I suggest you backup data recovery in a safe manner to strengthen the offering. Stellar for the third-party providers, equipment and software EaseUS Partition Data Recovery for Lepide will make your job easier. This NTFS file recovery software tools and FAT file systems. This tool is extremely easy to install and retrieve data with high-speed scanning.

Backup Solutions-Small Businesses

The information of the organization and the "Mission-based 'association may contain, its wealth and its most prominent at the door will be able to spend much money on technology. It is very small and medium enterprises that have more to lose, and with limited resources which they must be carefully need reinforcement.

Backup device

A variable enhancement tool reinforcing key on your system will collect. This can be as simple (and concentrated work) at the end of each day with a versatile hard drive circumventing workplace and reinforcement of the assembled structure as part of Windows, such as using, or simply depositing reinforcement with a programming tool designed to connect to the program for soldiers.

Backup Appliances

This is a gadget for commercial use can be omitted, such as the implementation is effortless, RAID, on the fly encryption, and mechanical components because of the soldiers in signing class quality risk - a cost.

Backup Tape

Once seen as a determinant of the reinforcing tape, as well as soldiers and used. All things considered, the most sustainable organization, in which case the full tapes army troops a decent decision might be required.

removable hard drive

USB hard drive to your modest reinforcement is the simplest tool. Although the PC for more than a bunch of modest expansion will not be very good, this could very well be small enough for the workplace. Most producers with the purchase so they do not give free programming reinforcing manner.

Backup Software

You have to look a couple of reinforcement applications. This convenient hard drive, NAS, devices, or even in conjunction with the online records can be used as a part of.

Backup services online

reinforcement of troops outside the site is an important part of any business. Programming like this is still in training reinforcement or other information stored in the cloud - giving you the benefits of off-site reinforcement. However, this is limited by the association over the Internet regularly. Fortunately, this administration for a reinforcement of your hard drive you want to protect (which could take months one way or another in a moderate association). You can also Google Drive (Google Apps s), SkyDrive, distribution or storage Dropbox-like administrators can use the Tablet PC to record reinforcement

Backup E-mail

Email is one of our most frequently used and basic daily activities of a business can be.

It is more than likely, you will realize that we have a mixture of reinforcement methods will be included in the system. We'd just jump at the chance to underscore two things: adhere to their reinforcement techniques, and the use of some type of reinforcement is not out of place!

We believe that in this particular reinforcement approach, delineating start on your own! What can you ask for? Write and let us know!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mobile charge in 15 minutes!

Instead of waiting for a new smartphone mobile phone maker in China, recently announced the world's fastest-charging method to add. In this manner, only two of the 500 miliayampiyarera a battery to full charge takes 15 minutes.

Twenty February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain from February 5 "Super bhioosi named charging technology showed the wait. In addition to conventional micro-USB cable USB type C can be charged quickly. This technology uses low-temperature, low-voltage algorithm can hold a charge. However, charges can be found in just five minutes, 10 hours talk time.
Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3 'was the name of the high-speed charging technology that Qualcomm took 35 minutes to charge from zero to 80 percent. This facility is available on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Super bhioosi technology can be used only apora smartphone. F-1 plus the name of the smartphone may have the technology.